Welcome to www.recycleJAWS.com.  A website dedicated to a healthier planet Earth through educating consumers of #5 recyclable polypropylene as to that material's uses and the ever growing number of reclamation sites throughout the USA. 

Statement of Environmental Responsibility

Concentrated on how the world buys™, JAWS International Ltd. operates from a technology platform of delivering only what the consumer and supply chain needs, driving the company’s commitment to stop shipping water when and wherever possible. The answer has been discovered in the company’s patented 10 mL cartridge that delivers concentrated chemistry to the JAWS (Just Add Water System®) spray bottle filled with the consumer’s water. The outcome is a reduction of trucks, emissions, slotting space, road wear, FTE requirements, logistics costs and consumer expense. Supply chain compressions of 97% (30 truckloads of traditional spray cleaners can now be reduced to only ONE truck load of JAWS cartridges) have been realized. “It’s the right thing to do,” said Mr. Yacko. “It’s right for the environment, the supply chain, and the consumer…total win balancing”.

The Michigan State University JAWS Cartridge Environmental Impact Study compared the life cycle impacts of glass cleaner in conventional 32-oz. capacity PET spray bottles and glass cleaner in the JAWS system using refill cartridges.
Averages of 10 fills and of 20 fills per bottle in the JAWS system were compared with standard non-refillable bottles. In both cases, the JAWS system provided a variety of environmental benefits. As would be expected, these benefits increased with more fills per bottle. However, they were quite large even at the conservative 10 fill per bottle level. Often, comparison of environmental costs and benefits of competitive package systems is difficult because tradeoffs are involved, with one system providing benefits in some areas, and the other system benefits in different areas. In this case, however, analysis is simple. The JAWS system provides benefits across the board: in material use (minus 70%), energy consumption (59%), greenhouse gas emissions (60%), air pollutants (75%), water pollutants (85%), and solid packaging wastes (95%).
We support the EPA's SDSI (Safer Detergent Surfactant Initiative) and are committed to the incorporation of only "safer surfactants" which includes the non-use of NPE surfactants in order to reach our dream of a greener tomorrow.

We would like to thank Jux2 Dumpsters for there support and commitment to eco-friendly recycling as well as providing reliable dumpster rental services in Phoenix AZ.


How to prepare and ship your used JAWS® cartridges to a recycler. 

  1. Empty and dry out each cartridge.
  2. Peel off label.
  3. Place cartridge in recycled and/or recyclable envelope.
  4. Place envelope in US postal service box and enjoy knowing that you did the right thing!